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PEBKAC or PEBCAK stands for problem exists between keyboard and chair. As a junior programmer my first mistake on a piece of code was flagged by a senior as a PEBKAC issue. When I enquired as to the documentation regarding this error he started laughing, explained what it meant and told me how to fix my issue.

I do feel happy in the knowledge that I’m an imperfect programmer. Surrounded by imperfect programmers just trying to be better than they were yesterday. That is precisely what I want this blog to be about.

How will this blog be different?

Blogs posted here will be a collection of experiences and helpful posts by myself and other programmers in order to educate the wider community. The twist is that I do not believe code is ever finished and neither should blog posts. If you see a blog post on this site that can be improved upon then comment your addition/change. We will review it and if we think it a worthy contribution we will add it and put your name on it! If we can open source code we can open source blog posts.

Who are you?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dominic Cooper-Wootton. I have been building websites and software for 10+ years. Originally I’m from Birmingham, UK but am currently living in the USA. I’m a polyglot with a passion for programming, I hold a MSc in computer science and also enjoy music and rock climbing.

I’m writing several passion project softwares that I’ve been wanting to build for a long time. Later down the line I will be discussing my thought process to hopefully help others to avoid or use my findings.

Can I be an author?

Of course! I would welcome any other programmers to also join the community and share their experiences. All you have to do is email dominic@punktech.co.uk or connect with me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominic-cooper-wootton/). We will discuss your background and what content you’d like to share. I’m also happy to talk about code in general. If you have a question or would like a discussion please don’t hesitate to reach out.